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Hi, I'm Michael, a maths student at The Open University.  And guess what, I really do believe in maths; it is a personal quest for me, like Pythagoras once said, 'Numbers are all.'

I didn't feel like this many years ago, and nobody believed me when I said I was interested in maths. The doctors laughed; they didn't take me seriously. It was very hard trying to come to terms with my illness, and I was constantly finding ways to cheat on taking my medication.  The result was endless episodes, hallucinations, and hospitalisation.

I wasn't in education or employment in those days, and my care coordinator believed I would never amount to anything. To make matters worse, relationships between close family were also strained.  What changed?

Change in Medication

One of the reasons I stopped taking medication was that it made me feel quirky,  unable to concentrate, sleepy all the time, putting on weight and worst of all, it deprived me of tasting nicotine.  I began to smoke packet after packet of cigarettes and half-a-tun of tobacco, without any s

atisfaction.  Then I discovered a new drug online called Abilify, which claimed not to have these symptoms.  I asked my psychiatrist to allow me to try the new medication, and he reluctantly agreed.  This decision changed my life.

Well, one thing, patience. Another signing up for that initial access course with The Open University.  Initially, I completed an access course and hoped to study English and Creative Writing.  But, after a while, the old longing for maths came back, and I decided to switch.

Fitness and Diet

Read here.

A real carer

Having a real carer is very important, and I was lucky because my carer was my dad.  And, he really did care through thick and thin he supported and helped in every way. It seemed that I could never repay him.  Not that he wanted anything; he did it for love.

During those bad old days of the past, my dad lost his job due to cancer; he had two operations to remove a tumour and undergo regular checkups for five years.  Then underwent a double hip operation which affected his mobility badly. Somehow he continued to support me, visiting me in hospital and opening up his home to me for recuperation when I was recovering from another relapse.

As I got better, Dad Introduced me to a man who works on big estates, farms and properties doing gardening and outdoor handyman tasks.  This contact led me to regular employment.  Dad also employes me as his Website Manager in what is currently of a voluntary nature.

The real hero...

Although this page is supposed to be about myself, it would be wrong not to mention the profound influence he has had on my life.  Even when he was going through all the tough times he continued to be an unflappable caring person. When the doctor indicated that he did not recommend a change in the old medication, he spoke up for me and the doctor listened.

My dad has worked all his life which included ten years in the British Army from the age of fifteen and over seventeen years in teaching mathematics.  Although officially retired, my dad, Mike G Vertannes, is a self-taught android application developer whose company at will hit the market soon. He also keeps himself busy on the trading markets, and the future looks bright.

Without a doubt, I would not be here, writing and designing this website, and I would not be studying at Open Uni or working in the gardening business, if not for this wonderful man.

A bit more about Me

From childhood, I have always supported Liverpool FC and Steven Gerard will always be an icon for me.  I'm a determined weightlifter and love visiting the local gym to get my major lifts up to more reputable amounts.   Physiotherapy is also of special interest to me and I have recently helped my Dad buildup his strength again after his double hip operation.  He is now s able to lift 102kg which is more than his own body weight. Really impressive for a 66-year-old.

I'm interested in managing and designing WordPress websites from scratch. In particular, selecting and implementing the necessary administrative plugins that handle behind the scenes administrative tasks and provide useful tools to the frontend implementation.

Long, arduous walks are also on my agenda when I have the time.   It's a great way to get away from the apartment and computer, burn calories and meditate along the way.