From 140kg Squat to 180kg in Two Weeks

180kg Squat, Buzz Gym


I’m a bit worried because due to the title of this post, it looks like I’m offering advice for physical training. All I can say is this is what has worked for me.  I am not suggesting that doing this in a two week period is easy. It was a personal challenge for me but may not be safe for the inexperienced.   I’ve been training consistently and seriously for almost two years. I recommend following a training program like Stronglifts, which coaches the user to increase weights progressively during regular workouts. Stronglifts is also easy to understand and fairly easy to stick to; imploying this progressive principle, you can increase strength regularly and are less likely to suffer injury. Also, Mehdi has created a handy form guide at and is something which I refresh myself on every so often.

The catch is, I only upped my squat to 180kg because it’s a one-rep max. I can work at this weight without necessarily doing cluster squats. My goal is to up the one-rep max, with one rep max training on this exercise until it’s twice my bodyweight. Goals are important in strength training. Bodyweight x 2 for me is 220kg roughly.  Another serious goal is to reach 330kg, which is three times my body weight; this is a long-term goal.

Is it smart to train like this?

No. Working at one rep max constantly is dangerous. Like today, 180kg was my final set and I almost didn’t get up from the deep squat position. It took some strength.

It was safe enough though, I know I wouldn’t have been crushed by the bar.

That’s why I’m at a gym with safety pins on the power rack cage. If I can’t get up, all I do is go down, and the pins take the load of the barbell and weights. Also, constantly working at one rep maxes could be at a higher risk for causing a strain or a pulled muscle.

So yes,  less than a couple of weeks ago I was still working at 130kg for five reps at the gym.

Then I tried 145kg at 1rep x 5sets. I did this again in the following training session.

Today I tried bumping up to 150kg, out of curiosity and found it easy. I use the Stronglifts warm-up calculator, by the way. I didn’t just drop weight on my back, all of a sudden!

So I tried 160kg. Than 170kg. Then 180kg I had to because that’s in the 400lb region.

The video is from sets of 160kg, 170kg and 180kg.

Where I Train and Training Partners.

If you live in or near Swindon, please join me anytime for a workout at Buzz Gym, located in the Brunel Centre, which is at the heart of Swindon and purpose-built. There are no joining fees, just a low-cost monthly fee.

Training partners offer each other help with motivation, planning and progress and, most importantly, safety.


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