I do know one thing for sure though, life will never hand nothing to no one, we all got dreams but they don’t mean nothing at all unless
You got the guts to hunt ‘em down, ‘cause it’s a big, bad, cold, harsh
Messed up world out there and sometimes you are facing obstacles
That seem bigger than two skyscrapers stacked together
You’ll feel like you’re caught in some kinda web you can’t escape
But remember, you’re stronger than you think, much stronger
‘Cause it’s your free will that makes you truly powerful
So understand, sometimes you just gotta attack
And decide right here and right now that you will not back out because
When you think about it does not matter what you say now I’m still takin’ ’em out and i’m just going to be the one terrorizin’ ’em
‘Till I kill all of ’em, split up, take everything out in a fire from a future time travellin’ mayhem
You just cannot say that I’m not just nukin’ ’em, ‘cause you think I’m fuckin’ with ’em
‘Cause any day you will know it was me, then there will be no need for hackin’ ’em
I’m just simply murdering’ em
That’s how it all starts, genesis, vipers hissing in the beginning
‘Cause in the beginning, god said let there be fights, tensions ignite
When will I stop fuckin’ with ’em? Return of the rat, I got ’em trapped
Within a maniacal attack, the anarchial terror is in listen’
My sixth sense is tinglin’, when my brother was shot, his blood was green and just glistenin’
‘Cause the poisonous concoction could not halt this nuclear activity to stop
The vaccine was not up to scratch, the batch just ain’t bulletproof
Web-slingin’ deadshot, c’mon, take a shot, aim, pull the trigger
Shoot now or not because I am just too fast and you are just outta luck with the lack of
Dodges and ducks, ground control to major tom, the mastermind and his con
No soul within the son of gun that just cannot be stopped
So before you make your next move I’mma make you think faster than twice ‘cause you will never say that I ain’t just spinnin’ these webs, cause if i am not, then I am Just not hail’ stonin’ these webs, then again my name happens to be ver-tan-nes,
And I’m faster than lightspeed with these webs
The evilin’ supervillain mastermind magician spillin’ more than a thousand spider eyes wrapped up in my fission webs, catch ‘em and spat this nuclear waste webbin’ back at ‘em
Web-slingin’ deadshot deliverin’ a web killing headshot, I’ll give you one shot to stop the watchmakers clock but ‘til these webs die out i’ll just be wreakin’ havoc non stop
Nuclear waste byproducts, when I will I stop? Probably until I fuckin’ accidently nuclear holocaust
The poisonous concoction could not get the evolution of nuclear powers to stop
And even red ridin hood love could not and so her tears are fallin’ in little drops
But they could still not get the nuclear in me to stop, so what, even the octopus doc could not stop this
Either way you will not say I ain’t murdering ’em like a motherfuckin’ killer I’m surgin’ in
Till i eclipse the day and take everything in my way, leave nothin’ but their burnin’ flayed skin
You just cannot say that I ain’t murdering ‘em, even my webs cut deep when I’m hurlin’ ’em
‘Cause i was chasin’ in the genesis beginning, the snake was hissin’
But in the beginning my uncle flicked on a switch, said something like, let there be light
When will I stop fuckin’ with ’em? Broad day light or not, I’m still snatching ‘em
The mocked pavement cracked cities are attacked with nuclear webs that i smacked
My sixth sense is rocked and tingling, sendin’ an electrical blast faster than me signallin’
Five years from now in the future there is an explosion and a cover up which i’m about to unmask
The vaccine concoction could not get the time travelling to stop
The afflicted are always mocked but you cannot say I will be stopped ‘cause I am the mastermind in the rarest power ever seen since the days of jesus’s final hour, the nuclear activity within me is a strength stronger than the force of gravity
‘cause it’s getting’ to the point where gravity will just not exist to me, there is not one doubt about it, you just cannot say that i ain’t the nuclear armed lucky one
‘cause if i am not the criminal mastermind, then what the fuck do you call these webs i got intertwined down to every last synapse in my mind? When will i stop theatenin’ ‘em? ‘cause if I were not then red ridin’ hood would just not be twisted in this webbed knot
You will just not say I ain’t hail-stonin’ these venomous webs, ‘cause if I am not then how come
I got my webs in attack weaved around red ridin’ hood caught in my web shack hostage trap
Haha! Got you red ridin’ hood in my tied gift wrap, she’s a present for the octopus doc,
Haha! On this skyscraper high up the top, red ridin’ hood I straight away drop, see ya later
alligator, bye bye! Everyone is just yappin’ now, it’s happenin’, everyone is just turnin’ back around now, faster than the speed of light, bang! Accidently catch red ridin’ hood in a web snatch
The red ridin’ hood is shocked at the paradox being discussed in an ‘ol comic book shop
You have not got what I takes ‘cause I’m the rocked mercenary fightin’ these motherfuckin’ bullet time mocked sentient adversaries
Whether it is fate or not, red ridin’ hood, this webbing is destined for you, i’m abducting you now, you are going to see it like this destiny is the wrath of god’s venom
The eye witnesses to the abduction were a lot, but the authorities are mocked
What will come of it all against a man whose web-slingin’ deadshots are faster than lightspeed?
Must I be a paradox? What else could I do with my evolvin’ nuclear byproducts?
‘Cause these venomous web knots are more deadly than my poisonous pen remindin’ you
When there are gun shots, to dodge I don’t move, to the floor these bullets just drop
I was sorta broughta up around about here
So you got the order of the sorta people of my story unclear
Which is the kinda tale of a soarin’ eagle that you oughta hear
Aunt may, uncle ben, red ridin’ hood, and venom, green goblin, his son harry from school days
And the late president sandman, an intricate synchronised ballet movement of web slingin’ deadshot paydays
And it’s a question why myself is not oughta put on my own order of this sawn off story of fear
To be clear you oughta understand that’s sorta somethin’ that i always just refuse to hear
That’s why I am always just walkin’ around with Eddie Brock instead of just killin’
But it is not a big deal, with the venom guy that I hang with when I am just chillin’
Some people hate him ’cause the parasitic guy will just bite your fuckin’ head right off
But that’s ’cause in life when the shit hits the fan the fights on the block always kick off
The situation is a tactic but I’mma an ancient esoteric web slingin’ acrobat
On my side the artifact goblin with an axe that will also chop your head right off
I fly with these webs like I’ve attacked the atmosphere of a sky that I’m attached to
And still I refuse to ever sit back as a mortal, kick it and just die ‘cause I even have this webbin’ within my own nuclear weaponized mind
That’s why I’m droppin’ red ridin’ hood free fall all the time, and leavin’ her far behind
And with this bleedin’ mind, when will i ever stop thought readin’ ’em?
When will I ever just stop spinnin’ these nuclear webs?
This explodin’ man persists, the nuclear activity cannot be dismissed
‘Cause sometimes the powers of the mind exist,
So listen carefully I insist this is the comic book store plot twist
Tidy all you bridies you widies forgot Hell lidie ridie bloody hoody heidi Spidey just does not give a fuck

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